If you’re interested in submitting to text, please review our submission guidelines first.

If you’d like to submit cover art, or have any other general inquiry, please reach out to us by email.

If you’re interested in advertising inquiries to help keep us going, or would like to feature text in your place of business, please email our editor-in-chief Shaleeta Harper directly.

If you’re in supporting text by purchasing a subscription, please send us an e-mail with the subject “subscription” and your address. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer free shipping, but we will let you know the postage costs right away.

Subscription prices are:
2.50 per issue for Canada, or 15.00/year
4.00-5.00 per issue for United States, or 30.00/year.
7.00-10.00 per issue for International, or 60.00/year.

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