At text, we’re interested in literature composed with brevity and punch: short, snippy poems, razor-sharp flash fiction, and art and photography that tread the line between purpose and chance, making us see the innate beauty in the world around us.

We’re looking for inspiration in the unusual: poetry you’ve scribbled on the inside of a candy wrapper, or Tweeted to your grandmother—Instagram photos of a bug tunneling into the side of a building.

We want to capture the moments of illumination and inspiration that jump out from everyday life,the flashes of transcendence. We want your life-shattering quips. We want you to surprise us, make us think, laugh, cry, or go take us for sundaes at the local ice cream parlor (chocolate raspberry only please).

Please send us anything you feel is poetic.

Our mediums of interest include, but are not limited to: poems, flash fiction, art, photos, Tweets, Instagrams, Flickr posts, Facebook statuses, text messages, and any kind of found poetry (as long as it’s not WRITTEN to be poetry—garage sale flyers, text-book snippets, leaflets, public signage, that sort of thing).

Word limits — please include your wordcount at the end of the document:

  • Poetry: 30 lines max
  • Flash fiction: 500 words max
  • Art: while we welcome color submissions, all art will be printed in black & white (other than cover art)
  • Photography: same as above re: black & white
  • Tweets: 140 characters
  • Statuses/texts/whatever: 30 lines max
  • Anything else: GO NUTS (but keep it short)

We’ll bend the rules for the exceptional, but don’t count on it. Please submit your work in an attached document (.doc, .docx, .rtf), with a maximum of 6 pieces per submission. For Tweets, feel free to send us links to the originals so we can fav/retweet you if we dig what you’re laying down. Please paginate your submissions and include your name/email in the header of each page. Keep your cover letters/introductions brief, and include them in the body of the email.

Please send all submissions to

Submission types: 

  • Poetry
  • Flash Fiction
  • Art
  • Other

File name format: SubmissionName-SubmissionType

For multiple submission types, please submit as separate documents


We accept simultaneous submissions, but let us know, and if it gets accepted elsewhere, please e-mail us right away.

If accepted, all Canadian contributors will be mailed a copy of the magazine, and international contributors have the choice of paying postage for a mailed copy (or several!) or just checking out our online version.

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