The next best text: Issue 6 is now on ISSUU for your perusal

I won’t say this is the cutest issue of text we’ve done (obviously that title goes to corn-head), but it’s definitely the second cutest.

In this issue we have more art from Megan Evans, as well as some great works by Elaine Hsiang and Nicola Winstanley, the latter of whom adapted their poem from a Globe and Mail article. We’ve got found poems, Facebook poems, poem poems, and poems that aren’t even made of words. Really, we’ve got it all, and now so do you!

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Can you hear that…?

It’s the sound of Issue 5 sizzling, hot off the presses.

This time around we have the amazing corn-head-checkered-flag-gypsy-woman cover art. We can’t tell you exactly what it means,  but Rio Trenaman really surprised us with it and we couldn’t say no.

Inside you’ll find some poetry–and poetry-like stuff–from returning contributors (such as the incomparable Leaf Kotasek), as well as some pieces by exciting new writers including Ryan Pratt and Laura MacDonald.

We hope you enjoy this issue and think about us next time you eat a head of corn.

As always, you can submit your pieces for consideration in the next issue at and/or tweet us your random musings on Twitter @textlitmag using #poetryeverywhere


You read that right: Issue Four is now online for your digital consumption. View it on ISSUU.

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Samuel Joseph's cat. You can read his hilarious Facebook posts in Issue Four.

Samuel Joseph’s cat. You can read his hilarious Facebook posts in Issue Four.

What are you waiting for? Go read Issue Four!

Here’s where we’re at.

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to make text magazine free; text, at its very essence, is meant to be accessible, and we’re serious about our mantra to bring poetry everywhere. But we’re a small team in an equally small community, and, while the local reception toward text has been phenomenal so far–we’ve gained support from a ton local writers, as well as the local news–the momentum hasn’t been enough to keep us “afloat.” So today we’re asking for your help.

We’ve started an Indiegogo.

When text was first conceived, our founder and editor-in-chief Shaleeta Harper poured virtually every cent to her name into the magazine. Now we have two issues available both in print and online, as well as a third coming this month regardless of how the Indiegogo goes. But we’re quickly approaching broker-than-broke status.

This campaign is a call for support, and a call to action.

It’s a chance for us to spread the word, and to gain the momentum (and financial support) we need to keep moving forward with text. If you share our vision, please consider contributing to our campaign and sharing it with your friends. If you’re simply interested in text, please read one of our issues online, or subscribe and have the magazine on your doorstep anywhere in the world.  If you want to support us in any other way, please send us an email, or a haiku, or a hug wrapped in gold tinfoil.

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