The next best text: Issue 6 is now on ISSUU for your perusal

I won’t say this is the cutest issue of text we’ve done (obviously that title goes to corn-head), but it’s definitely the second cutest.

In this issue we have more art from Megan Evans, as well as some great works by Elaine Hsiang and Nicola Winstanley, the latter of whom adapted their poem from a Globe and Mail article. We’ve got found poems, Facebook poems, poem poems, and poems that aren’t even made of words. Really, we’ve got it all, and now so do you!

You can read Issue 6 online for free below, and if you love us as much as we love you, you can also subscribe to text via Paypal with the (third cutest) button on the right hand side of this page to have text delivered straight to your doorstep. Or you can just donate because you have a swelling in your heart this Christmas season. Or you can visit our Patreon for even more ways to support text and free poetry*.

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