Issue Two Contributors

Spenser Smith, a Creative Writing major at VIU. I recently moved to Nanaimo from Regina, SK. I like writing poems and snapping photos.

Sam D. Church II is a writer, musician, and visual artist from Edmonton, Alberta. His poetry, fiction, and comics have been featured in various magazines and journals, including Toucan Literary Magazine, The Poetic Pinup Revue, and Heavy Metal. His collection of guerrilla poetry, The Metre Erasure Project, is available through Wolf on Water Publishing. Royalties for this collection go to support the iHuman Youth Society.

Nicole Brewer is a writer, editor, and micro-press publisher based in Toronto, Ontario. In early 2014, she co-founded the organization words(on)pages, which started as a freelance editing and chapbook-binding service, and has since grown into a literary magazine, (parenthetical), a reading series, words(on)stages, and a chapbook publisher. She is passionate about small presses, emerging artists, short fat dogs, and tea. She hasn’t been published much of anywhere, yet, but she has featured at ArtBar, the Feminist Art Conference, the Emerging Writers Reading Series, the Blue Coffee Reading Series, and the Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair.

Nicola Winstanley is a college teacher and writer living in Toronto. She has published picture books for children but is working her way into word books for adults. @nicwinstanley on Twitter.

Leah LeBeau is a writer living in the PNW. She likes grilled cheese sandwiches a little more than she should according to her girlfriend.

M.G. Wessels writes fiction and poetry, when he can. His work has been featured in a few publications, including, most recently, Apeiron Review. When not writing, he can be found fixing airplanes or trying craft beer; however, it is considered bad practice to combine the two. He studies at The State University of New York at New Paltz, where he lives. @MG_Wessels on Twitter.

Kenneth Nichols received his MFA in Creative Writing from Ohio State.  He teaches writing in Central New York and maintains the writing craft web site Great Writers Steal.  His work has appeared in many publications, including Main Street Rag, Skeptical Inquirer and Lunch Ticket.

Joseph Burl Grew up in the central coast area of california among the row crops reaching towards the sky with every turn of the earth, afternoon cows masticating the morning graze again, the soft smell of wild lilac and dry oak, and morning fog rolling through low hills that burned off to dry afternoons. found himself in the arid rocks, sky, and people of arizona during adolescence. learned a path to walk while earning degrees in english literature and critical theory at cal poly and mills college where he taught literature and writing for a few years. these and uncounted experiences imbue his view on how he captures his experienced world. likes landscape, culture, memory, little people, moments locked, moments fluid, acceptance, and how they all go together to create the sublime. Website:

J. J. Steinfeld. Fiction writer, poet, and playwright living on Prince Edward Island, where he is patiently waiting for Godot’s arrival and a phone call from Kafka. While waiting, he has published fifteen books, including Disturbing Identities (Stories, Ekstasis Editions), Should the Word Hell Be Capitalized? (Stories, Gaspereau Press), Anton Chekhov Was Never in Charlottetown (Stories, Gaspereau Press), Would You Hide Me? (Stories, Gaspereau Press), An Affection for Precipices (Poetry, Serengeti Press), Misshapenness(Poetry, Ekstasis Editions), A Glass Shard and Memory (Stories, Recliner Books), and most recently, Identity Dreams and Memory Sounds (Poetry, Ekstasis Editions). His short stories and poems have appeared in numerous anthologies and periodicals internationally, and over forty of his one-act plays and a handful of full-length plays have been performed in Canada and the United States.

Jasmine Gui was born in Singapore, raised in three different cities, and currently lives in Toronto. She write poetry now as a way of telling herself things she is otherwise too stubborn to hear, or too prone to forget. Her poems have been published in The Winter Tangerine Review, Acta Victoriana, Red Paint Hill, (parenthetical), and more. Blog.

Janet McCann is a crone poet who has been teaching creative writing at Texas A&M since 1969.  Journals publishing her work include KANSAS QUARTERLY, PARNASSUS, NIMROD, SOU’WESTER, CHRISTIAN CENTURY, CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE, NEW YORK QUARTERLY, TENDRIL, POETRY AUSTRALIA, AND McCALL’S, among many others.  A 1989 NEA Creative Writing Fellowship winner, she is Professor of English  .Her most recent collection: THE CRONE AT THE CASINO, Lamar University Press, 2013.

Jamie-lee Owen is a freelance writer who spends her time warding off questions such as, “what are you reallydoing with your life?” and “are you actually going to eat that piece of floor cheese?” She takes great pleasure in seeing people fall in public and her favourite internet gifs and photos of her unruly dog can be found at rivercityrevelry.

Ira Joel Haber was born and lives in Brooklyn. He is a sculptor, painter, writer, book dealer, photographer and teacher. His work has been seen in numerous group shows both in the USA and Europe and he has had 9 one man shows including several retrospectives of his sculpture. His work is in the collections of The Whitney Museum Of American Art, New York University, The Guggenheim Museum, The Hirshhorn Museum & The Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Since 2007 His paintings, drawings, photographs and collages have been published in over 200 on line and print magazines.

Howie Good’s latest book of poetry is The Complete Absence of Twilight (2014) from MadHat Press.

Heather EldridgeShort Kid. When I’m not smashing bitches on the rugby field or binge watching my new favorite TV show you’ll find me in my cave staring at a canvas completely oblivious to the world around as my hands work seemingly by their own accord creating wonderful blends of colour and shape.

Fabio Sassi makes photos and acrylics using tiny objects and what is considered to have no worth by the mainstream. Fabio lives and works in Bologna, Italy. His work can be viewed at fabio sassi’s portfolio.

David Spicer lives in Memphis, TN, where he lives with his wife and two Maine Coon cats. He is employed as a proofreader for a medical journal. Former editor of raccoon, Outlaw, and Ion Books, he is the author of one book, Everybody Has a Story, and four chapbooks. He has poems recently published or accepted for publication in Mad Hat Lit, Scissors and Spackle, Yellow Mama, and elsewhere.

Daniel Appell: I do graphic design, urban design, architectural design, landscape design, painting, sculpture, drawing and writing.

Chloe Burns has recently been published in The Casserole, Lantern Magazine, Tendril Literary Magazine, Ijagun Poetry Journal, Bitterzoet and Red Kitty Magazine. She agrees with William Carlos Williams, who said: “I think all writing is a disease.”

Brittany Diment. I’m a seventeen year old homeschooled girl currently living in Calgary. My life at present is a battle between me and the SAT exam, as I’m using it for admission to universities. It’s a crazy beautiful mess of confusion. My dreams for the near-future of next year include beginning an undergrad in Journalism or Communications, and living crazy-crazy.

Brian Michael Barbeito is a poet and writer residing in Ontario, Canada. His work appears in various print and on-line journals. He is the author of Chalk Lines, from Fowlpox Press. Brian also practices landscape photography. Blog@BrianMBarbeito.

Brady Tighe is a writer living in Victoria. He likes punk music, Bukowski, and black coffee.

Bob Brooks poetry has been published in many journals including The Beloit Poetry Journal, Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Prairie Schooner, and Rattle; in four chapbooks, most recently Companion Pieces (Finishing Line Press, 2012); and in the full-length collection Unguarded Crossing (Antrim House Books, 2011), short-listed for the 2012 Maine Literary Award in Poetry, and named first runner-up for the 2012 Eric Hoffer Poetry Book Award.

Barbara Julian is a free-lance writer in Victoria, BC, who writes mainly about nature and wildlife. Her latest chapbook is Walking Bowker: Befriending an Urban Creek. Twitter.

Anne Lévesque’s poetry, fiction and nonfiction have been published in Canadian and international journals and anthologies.  She lives on the west coast of Cape Breton Island.

Allen Forrest. Born in Canada and bred in the U.S., Allen works in many mediums: oil painting, computer graphics, theater, digital music, film, and video. Allen studied acting at Columbia Pictures in Los Angeles, digital media in art and design at BellevueCollege, receiving degrees in Web Multimedia Authoring and Digital Video Production.  Forrest has created cover art and illustrations for literary publications: New Plains Review, Pilgrimage Press, The MacGuffin, Blotterature, and Under the Gum Tree. His paintings have been commissioned and are on display in the Bellevue College Foundation’s permanent art collection. Forrest’s expressive drawing and painting style is a mix of avant-garde expressionism and post-Impressionist elements reminiscent of van Gogh creating emotion on canvas.

Aaron Simm is a poet, playwright, hip-hop artist, and llama enthusiast currently living in Victoria, BC. He is a multiple time poetry slam champion, and has been a featured artist at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. He has worked for the Winnipeg International Writers Festival, and was the co-founder of the Winnipeg Spoken Word Festival. His poetry has been published in CV2, and his work has been featured on stages and at festivals all across the country. @aaronsimm on twitter and instagram.

Alexandra Bodman is a very small bird that travels between dimensions, often falling into the abyss on scheduled sundays and mondays. She went to school in Chicago for Art & Design and has since been traveling and working. She writes mostly poetry about healing, beauty and being indignant. Alexandra one day hopes to complete her tiny horse figurine collection and move on with her life. Blog. Twitter. Tumblr.

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